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Carpal Tunnel and Guitar

I’ve never ever heard of carpal tunnel syndrome as a result of playing guitar. Then CTS knocked me out of all playing for over three years. The best way to avoid ever getting into this problem is providing the right exercise.

Injuries like CTS are cumulative. Once you begin to feel pain while playing your guitar, you need to make changes to prevent further damage. People with advanced CTS have been forced to change careers, no longer able to work without pain, and causing a serious and costly problem in their lives. Imagine never being able to play guitar because of the pain. 토토사이트

What can help you?

Carpal Tunnel Exercise – Powerball Gyroscope

Once activated, the powerball gyroscope generates levels of gyroscopic inertia previously unheard of for its small size. The smooth, fluid action of spinning your powerball gyroscope when coupled to this inertia results in a unique therapeutic quality which will have a profound effect on CTS, Repetitive Strain injury – RSI, tendonitis, arthritis & all wrist related ailments while used for as little as just 5-7 minutes each day.


Carpal Tunnel and Guitar

Musicians need to have strength, co-ordination and dexterity in both hands, whether they play a drum, piano, sax or guitar.

A right handed guitarist, for example, will usually strum with the right hand and handle the fretboard with the left. The right hand has to learn to pick and strum with alacrity and accuracy while the left hand has to do ‘trills’ (very rapid hammer-ons and pull offs), vibratos (bending a string back and forth varying the pitch), vibratos of multiple strings and sometimes just very difficult cords.

In such cases, hand gyroscope will not only give the player a very significant boost in hand and finger strength, it will also help to considerably improve their co-ordination making these advanced guitar techniques far more accessible at all levels of play.

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